Technical specifications:

Diameter of Cook King fire bowl: 85cm

Thickness of Cook King Bowl: 3mm 

Thickness of Cook King Grill Plate: 3mm 

Base steel profile dimensions: 60x60mm

Total height: 103cm

Base with bowl weight: ca. 60kg 

Grill plate weight: 11,5kg 

Material: natural steel


Dia. 85cm

The “SANTOS” is designed not only to be cooked on as a versatile barbecue, but also to provide heat and ambience during late evenings as a wood burning fire pit. All the elements have been welded to each other; as a result, an incredibly stable product has been created. This amazing fire bowl grill will provide a modern and contemporary touch to your garden, patio or deck.

This unique product features a grill plate, and the round hearth offers an infinitely adjustable air supply. All these elements lead to top quality performance and great results. Whether you are frying eggs, slow cooking vegetables or grilling a tender steak the heat radiates from the center in a perfectly smooth gradient, enabling you to cook at different temperatures on a single hotplate.

The “SANTOS” also features a rectangular log store as the base, making it easy to store and fuel your fire bowl.

Please note that the grill plate must be seasoned with vegetable oil before, during and after using the grill so it can sustain superb performance. The SANTOS is so simple to clean, food scrapes and excess oil go straight onto the fire! All you need to do is wipe the grill plate with a damp cloth and it’s ready for the next cooking experience. This beautiful piece is not only virtually maintenance free but can open your world to new possibilities for healthy, outdoor cooking.

Grill Premium „SANTOS”

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